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We are here for you during every stage of life, from childbirth to geriatric care.

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Gynecology is an expansive field of medicine ranging from adolescents to geriatric patients. At Metro OB/GYN, we are able to care for all of your gynecologic needs, with comprehensive care - from birth control options, infertility management, minimally invasive surgeries, and more.

Our physicians are also experienced with the da Vinci, a robotic surgical system designed to facilitate surgery using a minimally invasive approach, and controlled by a surgeon from a console. The system is widely used in urology and gynecology procedures.

Our 62 year (and growing!) history has given Metro OB/GYN the expertise and empathy to empower our patients as active participants in their health and wellness journeys. See what services we offer and join the Metro family by scheduling your first appointment today!

Generations of patients trust us with their care. Start your story with us.

Adolescent Gynecology

A young woman’s transition to gynecologic care is an important milestone in her life. Metro OB/GYN strives to make every woman’s first appointments compassionate and supportive by welcoming a parent or caregiver along with the patient. Our approach is family-centered and relaxed, so new patients feel comfortable. We work to educate young women about their health and changing bodies, to develop their own skills and knowledge. 

Adolescent Gynecology generally begins within a year after a young woman has her first menstrual period. Metro OB/GYN provides evaluation, treatment, and support for our patients as they start their gynecologic care. Our staff is equipped to address the healthcare needs of women of all ages and we employ specialists trained to attend to any special needs of adolescents.

We encourage you to schedule the first appointment if there are concerns about periods, if they are lasting more than seven days, coming irregularly, not starting by age 16, or causing significant pain or heavy bleeding. Additional reasons to start your gynecologic care include information about cancer-preventing vaccination, and education regarding sexually transmitted infections.

Respect & Confidentiality

Our goal is for every patient to feel empowered and prepared, and we encourage individual time between the patient and the physician so the patient can ask questions comfortably. Each patient is able to connect with the appropriate services and receive support. Our staff offers special consideration and personal time that helps support the emotional and physical needs for each young woman.

Annual Exam

Continuity of care and yearly checkups are an essential part of every woman’s health. At our patients’ annual exams, our physicians conduct a physical exam, a breast exam, a pelvic exam, a pap test, and depending on your age, a review of vaccinations. This appointment is a great opportunity to ask a doctor general or specific questions in regards to health issues or concerns. Wellness maintenance is a vital way for women to receive preventive health screenings and education that’s specific to each patient’s evolving healthcare needs.

Annual exams also work as a prevention tool. Dedicated preventative care should be a priority for every woman and is a vital part of Metro OB/GYN’s mission. Our annual exam includes important health checks for women, including breast exams, vaccinations, cancer screenings, and pap testing.

Women must take an active role in their health, as catching a problem earlier can result in an easier, more effective treatment. Our staff is available to discuss lifestyle habits, check on immunizations and prescriptions, and go over questions patients have. Every stage of life brings important changes and challenges that our team can help with.

Many conditions that affect women’s health can exist without any signs or symptoms. Establishing regular screenings with gynecology exams and tests can detect these conditions at earlier stages when they can be treated most effectively.

The path to improved and continuous health is a coordinated effort. Metro OB/GYN has been trusted by families for generations, and it is our honor to be a part of each patient’s life and wellness.

Are you having health concerns? There’s no need to wait for your yearly appointment. Contact us today to meet with a member of our staff and address any potential problems.

Contraceptive Counseling and Birth Control Options

The very foundation of our practice is helping women reach their health and reproductive goals by making informed decisions about their fertility, and birth control is a part of family planning, too.

There are many forms of birth control that are temporary or permanent. We discuss all of the methods available to ensure that our patients utilize the method that’s right for them. Through discussions and counseling, we can provide solutions that fit any lifestyle.

Technology and modern science offer various highly-effective contraception methods, but choosing the right one for your goals and your body’s needs can be overwhelming. During one-on-one counseling sessions, we educate our patients on all of the methods available and provide solutions that fit any lifestyle, from short-term to long-term needs.

Our practice offers the most current contraceptive options available, including:

  • Oral contraceptives (birth control pills)
  • Mini-pill
  • Implant
  • Injection
  • Patch
  • Hormonal vaginal contraceptive ring
  • Intrauterine device (IUD)

While we can prescribe traditional birth control pills and family planning recommendations, there are additional solutions our practice can offer, including:

Permanent Birth Control

Tubal ligation is a laparoscopic surgical procedure in which a woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked or severed, preventing eggs from reaching the uterus. This can be done at the time of a cesarean delivery, or independently. Additionally, we can provide a referral for your male partner to see a urologist for a vasectomy.

Chronic Pelvic Pain

For some women, pelvic pain may be harmless and quickly pass, but for other women, it may be more severe and indicate a more serious issue. It’s important you advise our trusted care team of experts if you’re ever experiencing it yourself.

Using the leading technological advancements, our team is uniquely qualified in identifying pelvic pain, restoring a piece of your health, and improving your quality of life with the right treatment plan.

Some common causes of pelvic pain include:

  • Endometriosis
  • Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Fibroids
  • Pelvic congestion syndrome
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Painful bladder syndrome (interstitial cystitis)
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Psychological factors, like stress and depression

Diagnosing and Treating Your Pelvic Pain
During your appointment, we’ll carefully review your medical history, then perform a pelvic exam to identify the source of your pain and create a treatment plan. For even the most severe cases, we specialize in the most advanced pelvic reconstructive surgery methods and counsel every patient through the process when it’s needed.

For many patients, surgery may not be the answer. Metro OB/GYN uses several other pain-relief measures to treat chronic pelvic pain, including prescription or non-prescription medicines, and heat and physical therapies.

Don’t spend another day in pain—make an appointment with us today to learn about your best treatment options.

Hysterectomy Options

A hysterectomy is a commonly performed gynecological surgical procedure, but one that's only recommended if other treatment options have been unsuccessful. A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus and is a solution to the following health concerns:

  • Prolapse of the uterus
  • Heavy periods
  • Pelvic pain
  • Cancer of the uterus, ovaries or cervix

Before exploring a hysterectomy, the patient should consider:

  • Do I still want to have children?
  • Are my symptoms seriously affecting my quality of life?
  • Am I prepared for the possibility of an early menopause?
  • Have I explored all other treatment options?

Our physicians are also experienced with the da Vinci, a robotic surgical system designed to facilitate surgery using a minimally invasive approach, and controlled by a surgeon from a console. The system is widely used in urology and gynecology procedures and provides many benefits, including smaller incision, reduced blood loss, lower postoperative pain, and decreased hospitalization time.

Our staff will discuss all of the options available and help choose the best plan for every patient.

Infertility Evaluation and Management

Are you struggling to conceive? The stress and uncertainty of becoming pregnant can be overwhelming. If you have concerns about becoming pregnant, Metro OB/GYN can help evaluate your status and fertility, and if necessary, find the tools and medications to help you become pregnant. Many issues are able to be remedied quickly, getting you on the path to parenthood.

Medical and treatment options have greatly expanded in the field of infertility, making it possible for women to become pregnant who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to conceive. We work closely with you to establish what techniques can circumvent any issues. Our method is more than medical: we offer the support and counseling every patient needs to achieve maximum health and emotional wellbeing.

If having a baby is your dream, Metro OB/GYN is ready to find the ways to make it a reality. 

Management of Uterine Fibroids

A uterine fibroid is a common, benign tumor in women in their reproductive age. While not cancerous, they can still cause issues and complaints. Among signs of having a uterine fibroid are:

  • Pelvic pressure
  • Bowel dysfunction
  • Lower back pain
  • Urinary retention
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding

To address uterine fibroids, an ultrasonography is used. If a patient has uterine fibroids but is asymptomatic, a different management approach will be used, as most fibroids decrease in size during and after menopause.

To discuss options, our staff will take into account the patient’s age, symptoms, and desire to maintain fertility. At times, medical therapy can provide relief, while surgical options include hysterectomy, myectomy, uterine artery embolization. Minimally invasive options include Endometrial Novasure, Sonata, and in office procedures. Whatever the patient’s choice, Metro OB/GYN can provide a positive and safe solution.

Menopause Management and Geriatric Gynecology

Menopause is a challenging time of a woman’s life. It often begins in a woman’s forties or fifties, with 51 being the median age in the United States where women report cessation of menstruation for at least 12 months. Metro OB/GYN has expertise and insight in the menopausal process, and is armed with the information necessary to make the most healthy decisions for each individual patient. Oftentimes, lifestyle changes and counseling can be effective tools. When necessary, medical intervention is available both with hormonal, non-hormonal, and minimally invasive surgical options.

Menopause is a natural process, but the physical symptoms can take its toll and affect emotional health. Discuss your bothersome symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, uncomfortable intercourse, vasomotor symptoms such as chills, night-sweats, or hot flashes, and difficulty sleeping. We will discuss the latest therapeutic modalities for each symptom and match them to your goals and lifestyle preferences.

We encourage routine bone-density testing for all patients over 65, and those who meet certain risk factors, such as steroid use, smoking, being underweight, having certain medical comorbidities, family history for osteoporosis, a prior fracture, or having hormonal deficiencies.

Deciding when and why to have a bone density test is something our staff at Metro OB/GYN will help determine for each patient.

Geriatric Gynecology

Age increases the chances of certain health concerns and vulnerabilities. We encourage communication between patients and our staff to go over any concerns, questions, or changes in a woman’s health. Metro OB/GYN is unique in having comprehensive medical care for our older patients, and the experience needed to address the specialized treatment in geriatric gynecology.

Pelvic Floor - Reconstructive & Urogynecological Surgeries

Pelvic floor dysfunction causes many health complaints, such as urinary incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse. Though it’s often assumed that a pelvic floor disorder is predominantly seen in the elderly or disabled, it’s far more common.

Our team begins by helping patients understand their condition, recognize their symptoms, and match them with the treatment that best suits their comfort level and lifestyle.

Pelvic floor dysfunction is treatable through conservative physical therapy, infrared treatment with home devices, support devices such as pessaries, and finally pelvic reconstructive surgeries. These procedures are designed to restore the pelvic anatomy that may be affected by previous surgeries or treatments of disease. Technological advancements in this field have provided our specialists with the tools needed to help improve the quality of life and prevent future complications for our patients.

Sexual Function

Have you ever wondered about your sexual function, as a result of child-birth, menopause, or low libido? Come see us to start the conversation about new medication for improving sex-drive in the premenopausal patient, or improving your overall vaginal health by increasing sexual satisfaction or lubrication.

In addition to oral, vaginal, and injectable medication, we may offer you a referral to pelvic floor physical therapy for musculoskeletal problems or offer you the vFit+, a hand-held device to use in the privacy of your own home.

It offers higher sexual satisfaction, improves sensation, and is free of downtime! For those who are postmenopausal, we may also review the FemTouch procedure, which is a vaginal laser treatment to treat atrophic changes and dryness.

The CO2 laser remodeling from the treatment causes regeneration of vaginal mucosal tissue and results in strengthened, more supple, and hydrated tissue.


It’s not always easy to pinpoint the cause of some conditions, like Vulvodynia (pronounced ‘vul-vo-din-ia’), a chronic condition that causes a burning and discomfort in the vulva.

Although there’s no known cause of Vulvodynia, we are specialized in identifying the mysterious condition, and our unique counseling services provide the best treatments and resources to help women manage symptoms and live a normal, healthy life.

Do You think You Have Vulvodynia?
There’s not an age limit on this enigmatic condition, but Vulvodynia is most common in young women. Specific characteristics include:

  • Pain in one area or across whole vulva, that may be triggered by touch
  • Despite irritation, an overall normal-looking vulva
  • Extremely painful (sometimes impossible) sexual intercourse
  • Difficulty using tampons or sitting for long periods of time

Identifying and Treating Vulvodynia

During an appointment with one of our specialists, we’ll do a comprehensive health exam and take test samples to rule out other conditions or irritations, keeping you comfortable the entire time. Once we have a full scope of your condition, we’ll work together to create a care plan, including treatment and education counseling.

If you’re dealing with Vulvodynia, we have the best knowledge and treatments to help you manage its symptoms and dramatically reduce—or even eliminate—your symptoms.

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