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LED Light Therapy

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When it comes to skin, we can’t turn back time, but at Metro OB/GYN, we can restore time and rejuvenate your skin by stimulating your body’s own natural cellular processes with LED light therapy. 

LED, or light emitting diode therapy, is a safe, non-invasive skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase elasticity, and boost collagen—no needles, no lasers, and no pain.

How Does LED Light Therapy Work?

When the LED lights hit your skin at different wavelengths, your skin absorbs the light and begins to regenerate new cells. The process produces collagen and elastin, kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and speeds up the healing process. 

Without harmful ultraviolet rays, LED therapy lights are completely safe to treat various skin conditions all over the body associated with aging and typical conditions:

  • Acne
  • Scar repairs
  • Rosacea
  • Wrinkles
  • Uneven tone and texture

The Omnilux LED Therapy System

At Metro OB/GYN, we deliver the best LED therapy treatments using Omnilux—the most tested, most trusted brand of LED phototherapy systems on the market today. 

The Omnilux LED Therapy system works with your body’s own natural processes to counteract aging and restore your skin’s youth. 

The high-power, yet gentle system uses highly-effective visible red LEDs and invisible infrared LEDs to target specific cells responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skin’s supportive structures.

The benefits of Omnilux LED Therapy:

  • It works with all skin colors and skin types
  • Brighter looking skin immediately after treatment
  • Treatments are pain-free and very relaxing, almost spa-like
  • Quick 20-30 minute treatments without any downtime
  • It can be combined with other procedures and treatments
  • Multiple wavelengths allow our skincare technicians to target your skin’s specific needs

It’s time to look beyond lasers for skin rejuvenation, and we have the technology to help you—schedule a consultation today to learn more about treatments using the Omnilux LED Therapy System.



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