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TV Interview Features Metro’s Dr. Malayev: Should Patients Ask for Medical Exemption Letters to Avoid COVID-19 Vaccine?

COVID-19 has been a controversial topic for the last 18 months with many people finding it challenging to find unbiased information without political influence. At Metro, we always strive to be a consistent and reliable source of health information for you and your family.

Many patients are asking us questions regarding COVID in pregnancy and lactation. With the new statement from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) just last week, we aim to put forth the new and “enthusiastic” recommendations of this group of women’s health experts. As of July 30, 2021, ACOG strongly recommends that all pregnant and lactating persons receive COVID vaccination. There’s no restriction on vaccine timing, as it relates to other preventative or obstetric services.  

There have not been any studies to date to corroborate the claims of infertility related to the COVID vaccines, and we have worked diligently to reassure our patients. We have also reassured the patients that the protein from the vaccine does not enter or alter DNA, and that the vaccine components do not transfer into the breast milk or the baby, while the protective antibodies do transfer to the baby. 

New England Journal of Medicine just published a recent analysis of the data of pregnant patients receiving COVID vaccination during the first two months of authorization. They found no statistically significant differences in side effects from vaccine administration in the 35,000 plus pregnant women they studied. 

In terms of safety, the Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity (DART) studies from Europe have shown very reassuring results. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and the V-Safe pregnancy data have evaluated more than 136,000 women and have not found any concerns differing from the general population. Alternately, certain pregnancy complications are higher in the unvaccinated population than those who have been vaccinated against COVID.

Metro’s Dr. Malayev was recently interviewed by WXYZ-TV for a story about patients asking for medical exemption letters to avoid getting COVID-19 vaccine:

“In fact, I said it three times today. This is the time to get [the vaccine],” said Dr. Yuliya Malayev, DO, MPH, Metro Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Dr. Malayev says COVID can be devastating for anyone, but pregnant women are at higher risk for severe complications.

“We’re seeing them on the ventilators. There was recently a mom who had a double lung transplant just here at Henry Ford Hospital. Can you imagine being a new mom who had a double lung transplant and then having a new baby to take care of when all of this could have been preventable? When you have the option to do something, to take something that is a vaccine, that is relatively safe, the particles of which are not showing up in your placenta, in your umbilical cord blood, or in any way in your baby and you have this opportunity to protect them for at least 6 months by placental antibody transfer, why aren’t you taking that chance?” said Dr. Malayev.

Watch the full story including the interview with Dr. Malayev here.

Patients with questions about the COVID-19 vaccine are encouraged to reach out to talk to their Metro doctor.

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